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We carefully identify candidates with “Right Personnel and Right Attitude” from our recruitment network and database to fulfill your expectations and requirements.

We focus on developing and nurturing deep, long-term relationship with clients and candidates because strong relationship leads in exchanging the best ideas and informed options with broad access to the most talented leaders.

Our clients value us for our deep expertise, valuable insight, honest advice and commitment in their success. Nearly two-third of our assignments are for our existing clients. We consistently assess client satisfaction after the assignment to evaluate ourselves which help us in improving our performance. Our mission is to provide seamless services and quality resources on very a competitive pricing.

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Our smart approach

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

Work fewer hours – and make more money

Attract and retain quality, high customers

Manage your time so get more done in less time

Hone sharp leadership skills to manage

Cut expenses without sacrificing quality

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A Global Organization

AK Global Management has been established since 2003 by highly experienced professionals who have worked with SEI CMM Level 5 company and have extensive experience in HR. The company is an executive recruitment firm specializing in middle and senior management levels.
In a short span, it has established an excellent track record in IT, Manufacturing, Financial Services,Retail and Telecommunication verticals.

At SAR we sincerely believe in rising above through innovative hiring and engaging with the most powerful asset on earth “PEOPLE”
Our Philosophy is “To blend talent and passion for our client’s success”
We are an extension of our client’s HR team and must perform as a responsible representative of their organization.